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well i havent been on here in a while!

all started off from my corsa which i sold around 2 years ago and bought a golf

my corsa before i sold it

I then purchased a golf mk6 from dealership and it looked like this... completely standard

& because i got bored with it i then i ended up spending thousands on the golf and make it look like this :)
Full Golf R Replica

Golf R front bumper
Golf R rear Bumper
Golf R side Skirts
Golf R BiXenon Headlights
Golf R LED rear Lights
Golf F full stainless steel catback system
Black Badges
Gloss Black Roof
Gloss black mirrors
Eibach Sportline 55mm Springs
3SDM Wheels
Team Heko Wind Deflectors
Golf R Interior

After owning the golf for 8 months i decided it was too slow for me, sold it and made a tasty profit off it so thought id treat myself to something with POWER :D

Scirocco 2.0TSI DSG GT

The car is amazing, fully loaded inside and out and is currently running 210bhp but soon 270bhp after a remap.
Optional Extras
Panoramic Sunroof
Factory Tints
Flat Bottom MFSW
Leather Seats with Lumbar Support
Black Headliner
Folding Mirrors
Optional 19" Interlagos Alloys
DCC (adaptive dampers that change in firmness)
I have also already purchased some Genuine Valeo BiXenon headlights that i will be retrofitting shortly :)

2014 Feature Car
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Love the Golf! Bet all those bits cost a bomb! And in such short time, fair play to you.
Also love the Scirocco, i'd definitely have got green if i was buying one as well. Enjoy it anyhow.
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