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My 2011 Corsa Engine Emissions Light came on whilst driving yesterday. Took it to my local garage and they have informed me that the EGR Valve needs replaced.

The car was running sluggish for about 2 weeks leading up to this point. A week prior to this light illuminating i had what felt like miss fires and loss of power when accelorating in low gears. Felt fine in 4th or 5th, although anything above 3000 revs and it started to throttle me back. I did send it to the same garage when this happened but there were no codes to read and it had miraculously stopped misbehaving when they took it for a drive themselves. So no fix required that time! Obviously the inevitable happened and it has lead to the EGR Valve replacement diagnosis. (Might be worth noting it smells funky whilst driving it)

I do trust this garage as i have used them for 5 years for my MOT and Services. I just wanted to see if anyone else on this forum had paid for this service and what it cost?

I have been quoted £337 which includes diagnosis, parts & labour. I feel like it seems fair, would just like to know others experience.

First time poster. Thanks for reading.
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