Hi four years ago I needed something to tow my caravan so I put a towbar on my 05 1.8 corsa sri d but I decided it was too small for towing so I mot,d the car then parked it up that day where its been ever since gathering dust, so I've come to the decision ill not get round to using it again so I'm now selling it. There's a genuine 29k on the clocks, guaranteed as I've got every bit of paperwork ie mots, every one since first registered, I also had fitted a new water pump and cam belt 4 years ago I've started the car tday and it still runs sweet as ever, the disks need either cleaning or replacing due to surface rust but apart from a layer of dust I reckon without much effort this corss with return back to showroom condition easily, id do things myself but my disabilities have got the better of me these days. I'm very passionate about my cars so this one got only the best attention during my ownership so I'd rather a true enthusiast benefited from the money and care I put into my pride and joy.:love::love: