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Hello all,

My 2012 1.2 corsa D has got an airbag light on the instrument panel with the button flashing on the centre console. Ive read this can be caused by turning on the ignition when the centre console button is unplugged but I haven't done this, its never been unplugged. Ive only ever had the radio out to replace the bulbs behind the heater controls. Ive read that opcom can be used to read the airbag module error codes and clear them to turn off the light and am thinking of getting one to do this (seems like a good tool to have anyway). I should add I don't have the car pass security code, do I need this for diagnostics and clearing codes or is that just for programming?

I've done some research into opcom but cant find any information on which ones are good and which ones are bad, which vendors are reputable, which firmware version do I need, is there such a thing as the V1.99 firmware or its this a Chinese clone? Also anyone had any experience with the ones off AliExpress, are they any good? Im just a bit confused by the different versions and terms (opcom vs vauxcom) used and hope someone can shed some light before I buy.

All help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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