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Corsa-D|UK Guidelines for this Section

All Members can post in this area, the reason for this is that the transaction of the sale will not be taking part on CORSAD|UK. When posting in this section please provide as much information on the Item as possible. Including either a link to the Item or the name of the high street store its available in at that price.
PLEASE NOTE Members who have not upgraded to Extra Membership on the site are not allowed to post up links to their own items as this is still classed as selling.
Important: All members can post links to ebay items in this section although members are not allowed to post links to items for sale on other forums or non-ebay related sites. Items of this nature will be deleted by club staff. Please remember that the naming convention rules apply to all Ebay Links.

Ebay Rules

If you are posting about an item for sale on ebay in this forum please add the following information to the end of the title to allow moderators to clean the forum once items have been sold.

Add - Ebay: Ends Date Time

For example: Facelift Lights - Ebay: Ends 22-Nov-04 21:41:10 GMT

The GMT is not necessary, but a simple copy and paste gives you all this.

Club Staff will only remind you once within a thread to add these rules to your title in case you forgot, if the thread title hasn't been updated within 48hours of the reminder, the thread will be deleted.

Bargains Rules

PLEASE NOTE 1: All Items will only stay posted in here for 30 days, after that time they will be deleted.
PLEASE NOTE 2: High-street bargains covers both online and offline stores/shops.
PLEASE NOTE 3: Extra Members and Extra Member Plus can now lock their threads, please lock threads once the item has ended.

Please note: Although there is currently no rule on posting links to items on ebay, it would be beneficial to each member to keep things to themselves or they run the risk of over inflating prices for both themselves and other members.

Failure to follow these simple guidlines will resuilt in the post being deleted by club staff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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