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Hi all. I know this has been posted here already, however I believe I have a problem with my ECU.
Recently the car has been loud, as if I have put a cone filter on it, but no changes have been made to the car. Running really rough and burning fuel like there's no tomorrow. Already checked and there's no signs of leaks. After letting my mechanic look at it, it isn't throwing any fault codes but check engine light comes on occasionally.
Hits about 3500 RPM and refuses to accelerate in any gear after that, takes about 2 minutes to get from 40-60 on motorways etc.
I took the ECU out to inspect physical condition and it looks great, no sign of corrosion or water ingress and better than nearly all the second hand ones I have seen. I have ordered a new ECU but will need reprogramming. Just wondering if my ECU has killed its software and needs resetting rather than replacing?
We are going to assume here that I have zero tools to go about this, and have no codes or pins for either ECU, all I have currently is the numbers printed on the ECU
Anybody be able to basically give me an idea of where to get started, or just chuck it to my mechanic and let him deal with it?
Where can I get the codes and what tools/ software would I need to do it myself?
Car is 2013 1.4 Petrol SE 5 door
5 Speed manual
ECU numbers are E83 55590556 86ABH054231900TK this is the same for the replacement
Huge thanks in advance!
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