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Well here we go. First start the car up you can have your lights on or off it doesn’t matter.

As you all know the dials look like this:

Well to start you need to press the button which resets your mileage so start off by pressing it in sequence: 1,2,3,4 and hold! hold the button in for 10 seconds MAX:

(As you can see ive pressed in the button 4 times but im holding it in)

The dash indicator should come up with lots of random numbers like this:

Well now thats basically it

Press the button in 5 more times no need to hold it in this time.

Once you have pressed the button 5 times this is the screen you should have on display:

As you can see in the picture above the 100 means ive got the lights on and my engine temp is 50.

This picture i have my lights off but still shows the engine temp

There you go guys nice and easy.

Keep in mind you do have to do this every time you knock the car on but ive got used to doing it

Hope it helps

all credit for the tutorial goes to Nath on VXRO

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