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Hi I middle of selling sons car and he's been sent an email from this person, what do you think and what should he do.
Copy of email below
Regards. Scezy

From: John Turner <[email protected]>
Date: 21 March 2013 21:59:25 GMT
To: james scales <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Corsa VXRacing

Hi there, Thank you for getting back to me.Can you assure me that the
vehicle is in good state and that i will not be disappointed with
it.I'm ready to pay your asking price and to be honest, i wanted to
buy this for my Dad and he is a mechanic, but the issue is I'm a
marine biologist and i do have a contract to go for which starts
tomorrow and am leaving any moment from now.The contract is strictly
no call due to the lack of reception on the sea area. But I'm able to
access email anytime as we will make use of laptop so my only quickest
payment option is PayPal as i can send money via PayPal anytime.Since
I'm requesting this transaction to be done via PayPal, i will be
responsible for all the paypal fee/charges on this transaction and if
you don't have an account with paypal,its pretty easy, safe and
secured to open one. Just log on to I hope we can make
the purchase as fast as possible? I have a mover that will come for it
once payment clears and they will be handling the title for me.
So i look forward to hear from you.

Your PayPal e-Mail Address :
Full name:
Firm Price:

Many Thanks

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Hahaha that's a scamming Twa*

Same thing happened to me while i advertised my car on AutoTrader!

All these little shi*s want is the money for the shipping off ya!

Low life scum bags

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100% fake mate, Matt on this forum had a similar message selling his 1.2 SXi.

They never want to speak on the phone because they can't speak english, plus thats why there grammar is very poor when sending messages.

Don't make any contact with him!

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The reason I would never use autotrader to sell a car ever again cost me £60 and all I got was scam e-mails and one call from a trader wanting to buy my car that was worth 6000 for 3000 (we buy any car offered me 4950) guess who I sold it too

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