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There has been alot of discussion lately on Detailing World of our TFR especially concentrating on the PH value of it, all our customers are very happy with the product, but we decided to also try and gain favour of the non believers with the following product:

Jet Wash & Wax Pre Wash

PH Neutral
Non Caustic
Great Road Salt/Grit Remover
Lifts and Disperses Dirt, Oil and Grease
Great Bug Remover and Tree Sap Remover
Can be used as a Touchless Wash
Foam Boosting
Fantastic Smell
Can be Added to Pressure Washers
Completely Wax & Sealant safe, no degeneration of your LSP
Amazing cleaning ability!
Available in 1 Litre Ready to Use, 2.5, 5 & 25 Litre Concentrates

As with all our products, if your not happy with it, then we offer a money back guarantee!

Also if you use the discount code DW30, you will get 30% off your order! Valid until 28th February!
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