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They are back. These have been completely revamped and i have been working on these for the past two months to the get the manufacturing process to the best it can be.

They are made up of 17 SMD bulbs that spread the light across the whole panel. Here are some pics of the older boards:

This is the new board:

This is one i made for JazzyJ (new style)

Known Issues:
Due to the canbus in the corsa these boards will flash when the car/lights are off. I have looked into stopping this but have been advised the resistors to stop this can get hot. I personally would rather live with a bit off flashing rather than have something getting hot inside the Dash.

The top three buttons on the heater panel are made of orange plastic so i am unable to change the these. I have found with a full white board these to light up slightly (a dirty white colour, rather dull), they light up a dull red with a full red board. with blue and green leds have have not noticed these to light up.

Please note these are NOT a genuine vauxhall product. I shall not be held responsible for any damage these may cause. I am saying this for my benefit only. The one i made first has been in my car since end of January 2012 without any issues. It has also been on full for 4 hours straight without problems.

I cannot guarantee the leds i use to be a perfect match to rest of the SMD conversions as not all leds are the same

Price will be £25 including postage.

They are available in white, red, blue or green. Two colours are possible but with JazzyJ's the red showed up a bit more pink than red. so i cannot guarantee perfect match to your current interior lights.

I currently have enough stock to make 5 boards. Obviously if there is a high demand i will order more as i can only order some of the components in bulk.

Fitting Instructions attached



Summer Feature Car 2014
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N1ckal (vxr online) - White (i think)
VCorsaD - Red
Capper10 -

Lidsey2694 - white

Completed and sent:
Bentley - Blue
LordyLord - Blue
TJSingh - Blue
NathanB - White
S90 - Blue
Boyce93 - blue
DrumboyMatt - Green
Rossyboy-sxi - White
RichVXR - Blue

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I have one of the 1st new models and it really has been spot on , little flashing when you turn the car off but I don't notice it anymore tbh lol but very bright and go perfect with the SMD conversion :doublethumbs:
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