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The M32 gearbox, as used in a number of Vauxhall/GM, Alfa and Fiat cars, is well known for its failures and showing symptoms such as selector movement, audible whining and grinding as well as gear or synchro failure.
While a new gearbox is an expensive repair, most often then not the gearbox can be repaired provided action is taken sooner than later. We have repaired countless numbers of these gearboxes using quality parts and oils to ensure a long service life.
The 6 Speed M32 / M20 Gearbox is fitted in the following models:
Astra: VXR / SRi Turbo 1.6, 2.0 / 1.9 CDTi
Corsa: VXR / SRi Turbo / 1.3CDTi / 1.7 CDTi
Meriva: VXR
Vectra: 1.9 CDTi / 2.2
Astra (M20): 1.3 / 1.7 CDTi

Also Some Alfa’s, Saab and Fiat’s
There are a number of early signs you can look for:
  • When lifting the clutch in 1st gear while holding onto the gear stick, it will move backwards by sometimes 10-20mm
  • When driving in 5th or 6th the gear stick will move backwards and forwards as you come on and off the throttle.
  • Whining noises can be heard while in 1st, 2nd, 5th or 6th gear. Sometimes it is more audible in certain gears than others.
  • On Corsas when turning right you will gear a metallic rubbing or grinding sound.
If you are experiencing any of the above issues then a repair will most likely be all you need provided action is taken as soon as possible. Failing to repair these issues will eventually lead to a bearing failure and this can break internals of the box or the gearbox housing. If this happens then a new gearbox will be required.
If your gearbox has already failed, we maybe able to help you source a new or recondition / refurbished gearbox and fit this for you.
Here is our price list for repairs:

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