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Good afternoon.

Need some opinions on the M32 gearbox.... I've got a slight whining/whirring noise when the car is in motion, I mainly hear it when coasting NOT in gear, I can't hear it when under load as the engine is louder. It starts around 25mph up to 55mph and its inaudible after 55mph, and it gets louder the faster the car goes (from 25mph-55mph). I recently had 3rd/4th gear repaired at WG Motorworks and he showed me one of the bearings was pitted, not sure what shaft it was on but I'm now guessing its the output shaft (google research points to this) as the noise is noticed is when the wheels/differential are in motion as they obviously move when rolling. I have no movement in the gearstick either which also makes me thinks its not the 6th gear bearing. anyway now you know the back story. my question is.... Once the noise from pitted bearings on the output shaft are heard, how long do they tend to last before they go pop? Already costing me an arm and a leg this car. I replace the gearbox oil roughly every 10-11 months with Fuchs Titan Sintofluid 75w80 as recommended but the gearbox still fails. I do sometime give it some oomph on occasion but not so much since it was last repaired (last month).

Anyone wanna buy a car???? LOL

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