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In the event of an alarm activation the alarm will call up to two numbers. From any phone you can also immobilise the engine, listen in and talk into the car. Forget to turn alarm on? No Problem, just call your alarm from any phone to turn it on.
All the features are operated using your mobile or regular telephone, simply give your alarm a call and follow the voice prompts, two standard remote controls are also included for arming and disarming the system.
Using a service such as it is also possible to position your car to within 10-300 m (dependent on local GSM network).
The alarm also includes a wireless telephone keypad so you can use the gsm car alarm like a hands free phone using the microphone and speaker.
Unlike other systems on the market this alarm is self contained and does not require you to plug in a mobile phone.
  • Modular alarm system for the best in security & reliability
  • Includes Loud 118dB siren
  • Include two 4 button remote controls
  • Control and check the status of the alarm from any phone anywhere in the world
  • Voice prompts for ease of use
  • Arm/disarm alarm from the keyring remote control or any phone
  • Activate alarm & immobiliser from any phone
  • Immobilise the car from any phone
  • Autodials up to 2 numbers on alarm activation
  • Allows you to dial in and listen to or talk to people inside the car
  • In car panic switch sends out help signal quietly
  • Can also be used as handsfree car phone using included wireless keypad
  • Location precision 10-300 m (dependent on local GSM network)
  • Self contained unit does not require a seperate mobile phone to plugged in
  • SIM Card not included - any contract or pay as you go SIM will work
  • Includes shock sensor, other detectors available
  • Built in Remote engine starter
  • Mute mode
  • Panic feature from remote control
  • Universal Central Locking Control
  • Auxilliary output controlled from remote control (eg. for control of boot release)
  • Engine immobiliser
  • Last Door Arming/Passive Arming sets the alarm automatically
  • Flashing Hazard Lights on arm/disarm/activation
  • Temporary shock sensor bypass from remote control
  • Remote anti-hijcak
  • Auto re-arm prevents accidental disarming
  • Ignition lock/unlock automatically locks doors on first press of break
  • Smart chirps intrusion indication
  • Smart dashboard status LED
  • Arm condition memory
  • Car Finder feature
  • Over-ride facility
  • Bonnet protection where switch fitted
  • Door protection where switches fitted
  • Boot protection where switches fitted
SIM Card not included

RRP £319.99

Regular Members £266.50 (20% off RRP£)
Extra Members £255.85
(25% off RRP£)

Fitting not supplied. Purecarsound can recommend a nationwide fitting service. Guide price for fitting of this system (with add-ons) £150.
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