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Hi lads & lads....

my darling hubby to be brought me my vxr a week ago today... driving home all was ok in and around Nottingham until I got closer to home (I live just over an hour away from Nottingham) on existing the slip road to join the a1 in third gear I opened the old boy up and thought let’s see what your made off!! And to my much disappointment hit 4-4.5 rpm it lost power and dread car with spanner light came on the dash i naturally backed off and the car still gained speed so no limp mode rev normal but like it was just a standard 1.6 no boost no turbo.. took to my local garage plugged it in and came up boost pressure sensor past and present ( so codes been cleared before) rang the garage and they said bring it back maybe sensor needs cleaning!! My reaction erm no replace it so arranged for me to travel back and get it sorted and the claimed it was all fixed so all was coming home until same place I go to open him up and exactly the same happened ??...

anyways been back today and this time they changed the sensor took it for a test drive and it happened again they then told me one of the pipes had an air leak and they repaired that but said it might happen again and if it did that they will come and collect the car from
My home and take it so that they can check every pipe.

so same happened again but the car didn’t seem right evening driving out of Nottingham over Reving get to 3.5 rpm I could feel it stalling in 1st 2nd and 3rd gear..

my fella saying get the car collected and get our money back as clearly a money pit along with his mates as don’t want them to take the car them have it for x amount of time say it’s “fixed” yet again and it not and being out of warranty so that then I’m stuck with a car that has issues... so can anyone help a girl out with advising me on this. There’s no smoke either....
Seriously stressed out as had Vauxhall’s since I started driving 15 years ago and never had one with such issues nor owned one that makes me nervous of the repair costs lol...
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