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I am trying to enable cruise control on a 1.2 2012 Corsa D.
I have bought a clone opcom with a genuine Pic chip, On the version that is supplied with the programmer the engine is not seen,it is a XER meaning that the program variant is not avalible until i get to the 160115a but with no option boxes or an error.
The engine side cannot load any data even from sensors with or without the engine running and the programming menu.

I was able to do the insturment panel but the BCM is giving me the simmilar issues.
After lots of versions of the software i decided to get rid of the 1.7 firmware and downgrade to 1.65 (went through all the versions as provided with the firmware folder of the applications), upon opening the BCM I get good data and can control the car but opening the varying the paramaters with the correct security code threw up a exception error for the developer of DID.

Is there a specific version that works well, and a good firmware (PIC18F458) as i have currently tried this versions to no avail:
VAUX-COM 120309a+131223d GB, VAUX-COM_120309a+160115aChina, VAUX-COM_120309a,OP-COM 100219a EN,VAUX-COM_120309a+131223d_GB+OcFlash China
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