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Good Day

I am all the way from South Africa, I own a Opel Corsa D 1.6T or in the UK known as the Vauxall Corsa D GSi. I have a 76mm downpipe on the car along with software/map, exhaust system, intake and intercooler with boost pipes. So here is the debatable part there is some uncertainty about the size downpipe I got on the car, is the 76mm to big for a 1.6 because I know the preferable size is a 63mm.

The car itself with the 76mm feels okay but at low rpm the car feels lazy but when you really hammer it, it feels strong on high rpm. Fuel consumption is a bit of a issue not sure if that is just a common thing on these cars. So I just want to know from the experts in the UK if anybody has a similar setup because here in South Africa is one way okay to have or like the saying goes "bigger is better" and on the hand a big downpipe is over kill on the motor as a 63mm is more sufficient.

I would appreciate the reply from the peeps


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