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A couple of people asked for a guide on how to do this so I thought I'd try and put one together while I took mine off, hope this suffices! :) (Could a mod please move this to tutorital secion)

Firstly, I removed the caps either side of the 3rd brake light with a flathead screwdriver, only to then see that theres no bolts or anything holding the actual spoiler to the bracket, just some super-strong double-sided tape! :lol:

So ignoring that step, I then got a friend to pull away at one end of the spoiler, revealing a small gap and the dreaded tape. I stuck a small craft knife into the gap and began to cut away at the tape in a sawing motion, being careful not to touch the paintwork while doing so!!!

Once the other side was done, it should be easier to access the last piece of tape, running along the top of the spoiler that meets the roof as seen by the adhesive mark in the next pic.

Once all this tape is removed, the spoiler should just come off the car with a gentle tug, leaving you with the bracket on it's own.

The bracket is held onto the bodywork by 4 nuts that look like this.

Upon finding the correct spanner/wrench/thingy, undo all 4 of these and the bracket should come off the car.

You should then be left with something like this, only a lot dirtier as I cleaned mine before the pic was taken! :p Used some good old fashioned elbow grease to get rid of the adhesvie marks... takes a while but don't rush and risk scratching the paintwork!

The tricky part is the 4 screws sticking out of the bodywork after all this is done. I just trimmed them down to the level of the roof and left them cos I'm lazy! :lol: But alternatively you can have them removed, filled and resprayed by a bodyshop.

You are then free to fit your new spoiler as normal, or if you were planning on just removing the spoiler then you're done I guess :dontknow:

Hope this helps people and any questions about this feel free to pm me :)
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