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Today I returned to my car to find that some ******* presumably in a van or something due to the height of the damage had hit me while I was at college and pretty much destroyed one of my panels on my beloved D. Didn't leave any details or anything :hmmm:

Once I got over wanting to chop whoever did it's head off I assessed the damage with my limited knowledge and concluded a new panel is needed as the old one is completely ****ed.
I've seen online both prepainted and blank panels but was wondering how well the prepainted match the original colour of a black corsa D and also how hard they are to fit? Just I can't really afford to take it to be done at a garage being on a students salary -_-

The panel I need is the one between the wheels and the wing mirrors with the side indicators on it.

Anyone know of any good places to get panels/get them fitted well fairly cheaply in Surrey?
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