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Made a thread a while back about steering wheel and airbag. Long story short found out that the squib has snapped.

I bought a new squib not too long back in order to get the cruise control stalks as I was retro fitting cruise control. I pulled that apart to get the quib inside and after pulling it apart and extracting the part that I needed to replace I dont feel confident taking apart my current one as I dont think Ill be able to get it back together.

I've read online that If I am to replace the entire unit (I will buy a new one) I will need to make sure that the donor squib has been seperated/ divorced from the donor car then I will need to get it programmed into my car. Just wondering if anyone knows anyone that has is able to tech2 it in the northwest area. Don't mind travelling.

I do have opcom but I dont think it is possible to do it with that.

If anyone has any other suggestions to replacing/ fixing the squib please feel free to let me know.

Thanks all!
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