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Firstly its all ready in the House Rules about it - Spamming

Spamming will not be tollerated. Any spamming will be dealt with in the following way.

1 - PM sent to the person doing the spam... warning them to stop.
2 - If they fail to do this there post count will be reduced (As Spammers just seem to care about this going up).
3 - Failing that the spammer will be banned - the length of the ban will be determined by the Admin Team.

HOWEVER - The points above are only a guide... the Admin team can ban at their discretion.
IE. You may be banned without warning if we feel that the spamming is bad enough!

Also please take note of these comments:
Can we all please:

a) think before we post
b) stop digging at nick's natural obsession with posting
c) stop turning every thread Nick posts in into a post about SPAM.

Again this is wasteful of resources and breaking the rules of the site. Continuation of this WILL lead to more severe action than me locking a post. The repeat offenders may find themselves on the cold side of a ban.

I personally am sick of reading this, yesterday and today especially. Any more of it and I will take it up with the Admins of the site to clamp down hard and fast on this.
SPAMMING is defined as excessive posting and/or is not in reference to the subject of the thread.

ANY problems then contact any member of the Corsa-D|UK Team.

Darren :thumbs:
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