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Spotted and Flyered

The Spotted Bit

Have you ever spotted a Corsa D and wondered who owned it and if they were a member of this site?? Well if the answer is yes then this section if for you.
- Create a post saying something like:

Title: Black 3dr in Manchester Spotted
Text Inside:.

Where: Going in 2 ASDA about 7:20
Registration: A123ABC
Colour: Black
Model: SRi
What did it look like: lowed with 17" alloys, full body kit etc...

The Flyered bit

This is simple. Save the attached flyer to your desktop (to be added soon), print it out and cut it in two.

Stick these in your car and whenever you see another D parked up that you think should be included in the club, pop one under the windscreen wiper and away you go.

If you want, you can pop your username on the back just so when they come to the site, they know who it was that flyered.

Darren :thumbs:
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