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Turbo back decat exhaust system will have it spitting flames, popping on almost every gear change. A new system will set you back at least £600 though.

Why's that funny Sion? It would be if it was a 1.2, but the SRi's are decent.

Btw - they won't be like 3 foot flames coming out the back, just little ones from my experiences of them. If you want huge flames you'll need to buy an Evo or Supra or something lol.

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Might be a bit chavvy but the car will look monsterous. I am a hater of chav and have some beasting plans for my new car. They may be simple mods but think it will produce the best results without putting VXR bumpers on it or instead of just buying a VXR.

I plan on : CCing grille/centre caps,
lower by 60/40 or slam it on coilies,
black headlight inserts,
tinted reverse light on rears,
silver indicator bulbs,
LED everything (number plate bulbs etc.),
Black console with red rings,
red (maybe white) SMD conversion inside (If i go white i might do footwell lighting in red),
Black bits on steering wheel,
exhaust system (undecided),
wind deflectors,
rear tints,
pipercross filter.

I have most of this on my ebay watch list so if i get the car just need to log onto ebay and all my sourcing is done!

Also, Its not the spitting flames that im interested in. Its the 'pop' but i thought this was the same thing as the flames except sometimes the flames are visible and sometimes theyre not. Its just because my mum has this exact car and you cannot hear the turbo or that its anything other than a 1.2 under the bonnet.Think they sound dire standard, might be cos im used to my astra though..

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Plans sound good pal! As for the exhaust, just get a turbo back, with decat, precat and get it mapped. Mine pops on every gear change. Unsure whether it flames like, but Connor (DOSSER on here) has the same set up as me more or less, and his spits flames on occassions.
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