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Hi all

i booked a test drive last week in the corsa vxr i was well looking forword to it.
never seen one up front only on the net or in a mag.

so yesterday gpt to the dealer and he opened it me and my mate had a look at it and whoow is dog bolluck even my mate loved it when it come to cars he hard to please.

anyway the sales man came out was the same guy how sold me my corsa D. he strated telling me that there,s a whating list and if i ordered now im lokking at getting it around october or november.

he carn,t put a date on it ( a sales men being honesty ) any way asked to take it for a test drive and BANG HE SAYS NO THERE A CRACK IN THE WINSCREEN.

i was well pissed of he could of phoned me and told me that he had my number. so im going back up in the week to test drive it.

has anyone had a test drive yet and what,s it like bones i no you got one whats it like. heres some more pic

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