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The New Corsa D|UK Challenge Game (v2.0) - Rules & Regulations



Please note, there has been some changes to the rules. Please make yourself familiar with them:

Most of you know how this game works, but for those who do not, please read below.

A challenge is set by a member of the forum. This person is known as the 'Challenge Host'. The Challenge Host will post criteria which you will have to go and drive around to find a location to get a picture of your car in the scenario set by the 'Challenge Host'. Once the picture has been verified by the current Challenge Host or 2 other members of the forum, the winning member will then become the new 'Challenge Host', having the responsibility to create a new task. You can win 2 points per photo, 1 for the photo itself and 1 extra if you meet any 'bonus' point specification set.

The Game Rules

1) Challenges must not be skipped unless two individual forum members agree that the challenge set is too hard to complete. In this situation, the same challenge host should re-post a new challenge within 24 hours, if not I (Ash_) or a Moderator will set a new one.

2) Winning a challenge can be achieved by either of these two methods.
a) The current challenge host confirms the image has met the given criteria.​
b) Two individual forum members agree that the image has met the given criteria.​

3) If a challenge has not been successfully completed within three days, the current Challenge Host, I (Ash_) or a Moderator may set a new challenge to be completed.

4) Images used to complete a challenge must be an image taken specifically to complete the task, no old photos you have previously taken.

5) For each challenge, the host may set extra criteria to achieve a bonus point (maximum of 1). For example: "Get a photo of your car next to a bus - Bonus point for getting the driver to wave in your photo".

6) Challenges from previous versions of this game are now void. Therefore you may choose to set a challenge which has been seen in Version 1.

7) The image is not required to contain a Corsa. Many members have moved on to other cars, therefore this would be unfair to a large majority of the forum members.

8) Images you post to complete a challenge which are obviously meeting the criteria may also be accompanied by a description of a new challenge to be completed. This will help the game progress efficiently.

9) You must take any images from outside of your car unless stated. Any shots from the interior (unless otherwise stated) will not be valid entries.

10) You may not complete your own challenges.

Please contact me regarding any rules you feel should be added to this list to allow smoother running of the game!.
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