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Rough time taken for mod: 20-30 minutes realistically. 10 minutes once you've done it once.

Apologies for the carp pictures, as I took them at night.

Firstly, you need to remove the speaker cover on the front of the dash. The easiset way I found to do this is to get a little flat head screwdrive part, and prise the cover off from the right hand side, and then clip it out towards you, as there's two bigger clips nearer the windscreen, which is harder to take out.

Once you've taken that off, it should look like this:

At the very front of the hole, near the windscreen, there should be a torx screw, which is a size 20:

You need to remove this, and then you're ready to take out the centre console. What I found best was to pull the left hand side of the console out, so then the clips on that side would be out, and then do the same with the right hand side You should be able to lift it up a little, like so:

Now for the little tricky part, getting the front bit out. What I find best is to sort of push the MFD backwards towards the windows whilst pulling at it, and it'll clip out with a bit of force. Then in your hand, you'll have your MFD, and the top bit of the dash.

Now, look on the back of it, and you'll see a cable:

To take this off, move the black pully bit, and the cable'll come off, and now you're ready to fit the bulbs.

To do this, I'd recommend some thin nose pliers. You put the pliers in, and grip the bulb, and twist the pliers anti-clockwise 45 degrees, and then the bulb will come loose, and you can take it out. Do this for all three, and then reverse what you just done to put in the new bulbs, and you're done. Put everything back together the way you took it apart, by clipping in the front of the MFD first, then the sides, and so on.

Finished example:

A few notes:

Remember that LED's will only work one way, so if you fit them, and they don't work, take them out, and put them in the other way, and they'll work fine.

Another tip if you're having trouble putting them in. On the metal clip, the bit which is pointing upwards, bend that up a bit further, and then pull the two metal bits a bit closer, to give it a more snug fit.

If you're still having problems putting in the bulb, I found it best to put the bulb in, and then wiggle it backwards, and forwards, until it fit into the gap. I did this sideways, along the length of the MFD, rather than the smallest side.

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Tutorial: MFD Colour Change Guide

So for all those who now want to change the colour of your MFD.

1. Gently prise a very small flat headed screwdriver in the speaker grill cover on the top of your dash .. It should then just ping out. Dont be too brutal or it will snap.

2. Undo the 1 Torx screw .. (size 20) and then gently prise/pull the plastic off of the center console. It might take a firm tug but dont be too aggresive or it might snap.

3. The MFD is now loose in your hand. Disconnect the wire from the computer by pushing the clip in and lifting it free.

4. Now with it loose take it indoors so you dont break anything.

5. Sat comfortable at a table and with good light .. undo the last 2 torx screws (size 20)

6. Again the main square computer is now loose in your hand.

7. Put a screwdriver, again small one in all of the 6 tabs and prize the casing off.

8. Gently lift the screen away and again using a screwdriver prize off the orange plastic filter. Be gentle here!

9. Draw a template around the filter onto a piece of WHITE paper .. normal printer paper and cut it out and refit it in its place. It wont hold perfectly clipped in but sits fine when you replace the screen.

10. Place the screen back down on the filter and make sure its secure.

11. Turn the MFD over and twist and release the 3 509t bulbs.

12. Fit your new coloured (doesnt matter) LED bulbs back into the twist lock and then re assemble the plastic casing. (it just pushes back in like lego)

13. Re screw the MFD to the surround using the 2 torx screws and then go clip it back into the car and re screw the final torx and replace the speaker cover :)

Sit back .. admire :)
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