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Guide from Corsa-C|UK

Clay was recommended to me by alot of you on here and since using it i love it so for the few that havent used it yet ive decided to do a tutorial! Sadly its on my sisters clio because i was showing her how to use it whilst i was taking the pictures because i was confused when i 1st used it!

The best clay for begginers is definatly megs which is this -

You can buy it at halfords like i did for £22 or online like here -

in the pack you get these 3 -
As you can see my cloth is quite dirty i do appologise!

1st take one car in this case a lovely purple clio
wash your car make sure all the loose dirt is gone!

Then its time to go crazy with the detailing spray if you put clay on a dry spot it can leave nasty marks so make sure you put plenty on this clay is that strong so dont panic too much about ruining yor paint just try to keep the surface your claying wet with the detailing sprayand its best to do a pannel at a time or it will just dry up!

Then get the clay out and rub with a tiny bit of presure over the area you have just sprayed!

to check its working keep looking at the clay your using to see the dirt its picking up

and when it gets too dirty remold the clay till its clean and carry on

once you have rubbed the clay over the area you should be left with beads of detailing spray left over

this is where the microfibre cloth comes in! wipe it all dry (you will need a bit of strength or maybe thats just me being weak!) with the cloth making sure you get all the spray!
my hand looks really fat and weird in this picture sorry!

then admire

wash your car again then wax or polish and wax!

i wasnt doing all my sisters car because its £22 a set but heres my car with it all done -

clay is amazing so i would recommend it to anyone!! i love it its just a bit pricey when your poor but you should use each clay bar to do a whole 2 or 3 times then it should be looking a bit dirty and start on the next one (you get 2 in a box) and remember if you drop the clay bar dont use it because if you have picked up a stone you could get scratches!
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