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After the clips on the glove box popping open on me I decided to do a write up on how to fix the anoying thing once and for all.

Your going to need:

Small drill bit
Torx T20
2-8 cable ties (depending on how strong you want it)

Take the glove box out:

1) Firstly you need to open the glovebox and undo the two Torx screws at the top

2) Undo the two Torx screws just below the glove box door (on the outside)

3) Pull the glove box down slightly and pull out the connector attached too the glove box light (If you have one)

4) Take the glove box out, the glove box should just come away with minimal effort

Take the glove box door off:

1) Now you have you glove box out, turn it over so the door is facing down (Perhaps pop it ontop of a clean table to avoid scratches)

2) Push out the two plastic dowels that areholding the door hinges to the box


4) The door will now come away from the box with ease

Fixing the problem:

0) Your hinges will probably look like mine (or worse), it's a bad design from Vauxhall!

1) Drill four holes (or less depending how many cable ties you want on each side), into the gaps between the vains on each hinge

2) Put the plastic dowels back into the hinges (before putting the door back onto the glovebox). This will stop you over tightening the cable ties

3) Put the cable ties through the holes and tighten them up against the hinge

4) Pull the plastic dowels back out and refit the door by reversing the above instructions

5) Refit the glovebox using the above instructions, making sure to tuck the rubber seal on the left hand side (door seal) over the top of the plastic flange on the glove box

WOLLAH! A stronger than ever glove box.

I will pop pictures up when I get back from work to help illustate my instructions. I hope this helps people that had the same problem as me.

Please PM me if you wish for me to do this little mod for you. I live in the south-devon area.

I take no responsability for any damage cuased by people following these instructions

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Thread moved to tutorials. Good work been after this myself! Will give it a go later.
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