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Admin please can you move this into the right place

Step 1: You should have a plastic panel on your door (mine is gloss black) depending on your designe of your D it might be the same color as your centre console

Get your finger nail behind an edge and pull this off then your button for windows will then be easily pushed up and you will see 2 torq screws behind this part so unscrew these

Step 2: Where your door handle is there is a circle cap wich has room to fit a fine flatblade screwdriver in (this will just pop out) and behine find yet again another torq screw to undo

Step 3: Underneith your door you will find another torq and on the right hand side of the card or left if your doing the left side these again need to be taken out

Step 4: Gently pulling at the door card will bring it away it is attached by them stupid white clips that are hard to get out unless you got a tool!

Step 5: Remove the wires going to the window switch if need be might not be needed but personal preference

WARNING: The lever that opens the door you must make sure the hook is back in the whole it is attached too and then also makesure the wire runs through the clip provided and that the plastc clic is clipped on over it (once you see it it will all make sence)
failing this you could be locked into your car if you are the only one around!

The tweeters then pop out and the speakers just unscrew

Jobs a good un and then just be patient when trying to put it back together

ill upload a picture later of the door with arrows pointing to where the screws are but i wont be taking the door card off agen now cos iv done my speakers!

hope this helps
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