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Few people now have asked me how I removed my centre console ... So I've created a little Tutorial for you guys :thumbs:

To do this you will need:
2 Flat Bladed Screw Drivers
Size 20 Torx Screwdriver
Head Unit Keys (RRP £5)

First of all you need to remove the little ball shape bit on top of your dashboard, to do that you can just press it in using a screwdriver head (use a bit of force):

Then it will pop in, and you can stick your finger in and pull out the mesh type material:

You can then unscrew the top screw using a Torx screwdriver - size 20 (Also the speaker - I don't now have one so couldn't show how its removed, just unscrew it and un-clip it)

Stick your hand inside the hole and grab the plastic with your hand down on it, then with a bit of force, pull off the top black part as shown:

You will then need to un-clip the small screen (NOTE: Do not remove screen or hazard part with ignition on - do it in the light and make sure your keys are not in!)

You can then unscrew the top 3 Torx screws:

Take out your CD player using either Head Unit removal keys - RRP £5.00 (i don't need them as I have my own Head Unit)

Undo the cables on the back then remove the HU:

Stick a flat bladed screwdriver in this clip and the one to the right as shown, and prise them away from the dashboard:

Then undo the clip on the back of the hazard section:

To remove the bottom part there are 2 main clips on the top, use a flat headed screwdriver to prise them off, then carefully pull it away from the dashboard:

If you would like to remove the hazard switch, then there are 2 main clips, stick flat headed screwdrivers in them all and undo the clips to pull it out of the dashboard section:

When removing the air vents be VERY careful. There are 4 clips around the vents as shown, you will need 2 flat headed screwdrivers, place one on one side of the vent and one on the other & un-clip all 4 clips and push the vent out of the unit so that your pushing from behind of the silver(or piano black) facial:

Job Done :) :doublethumbs:

Any problems let me know I'll try help...


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:thumbs: Good clear instructions, nice one TJ, should be useful to a few people
Cheers mate :)
removing all my carbon fibre and spraying black - so thought I'd help everyone out :)
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