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ryto the much awaited tutorial so...

tools required are
screw gun,
flat bladed or pointy instrument,
and a selection of star shape bits

this can be done by urself in 2 & 1/2 hours, idealy have a pal to hand

1st step
remove the blanking covers under the rear bench, it will reveal three star headed screws

remove these
now the bench can move up and down
lift the bench till the 3 steel feet clear the carpet now push it back hard and lift it up from the back
the bench should come free

will look like this

step 2
now remove all you gear form the back including parclen shelf and floor above spare tyre
now there are 5 bolts to be removed,

3 holding down the seat belts and 2 at the back of the bench
ones ate the back are a smaller star size than front

remove all these bolts

now pus the seat forward at the top by releasing the top bits #like you would do push the seat flat#
now remove the top seat fixings there are two bolts

now to remove the top part of the rear bench completely remove the hinge blanking plates

now the hinge is exposed

now to release the hinge get a flat blad screw driver/pointy thing and put it like this:

now the handle away from u so the clip is relaesed, at the same time lift the seat at a slight angle and lift till the clip is released

angle is so the bootom of the seat clears the booot plastics

now do the same for the other side

the top half will now lift out of the car

step 3
go to the b pillar, look under the black door seal, youll find this

now do this:
now pull the plastics towards you (the white/cream part) the clip will relaese and the plastic will be free, however it will not come of at the top, so dont try !!

look like this youve done gret so far:

now wrap the end in tape to prevent damage to the black plastic

now look behing that plastic youll see a star head screw remove it,

now go to the sill platics

now give it a pull will go like this:

now go back in the car and pull all around the edges of the rear black plastics, may take some force

look like this once done

and to refit go backwards, note do not forget the screw at the top of the plastics, and also remomber to remove all the white clips form the metal skin and place them back on the plastics

wen re-attaching cream plastics first make sure the seat belt adjust is in toop position like this

now lok behind that, ull see little stick out bits:

they correspond to a male part on the pillare itself:

now if they dont line up thenpushh the lil black bit u can see in the above foto, look like a trigger, and slide it to the top, the push the cream plastics against it and make sure the seat belt adjuster works, then once working push it home, once all other plastics are in understand!!

now if you have any of my kits for the rear either stick em down like this
at the bottom of the grill:

or if you have the cup holder lights drill a hole (6mm) where u can see the read and black cable in this photo ( be carefull not to drill right the the cup hold exterior part you want the hole to be hidden :thumbs:):

before crimping the connecters on thie ends of the wires check the polity of them on the power source then crimp the male to the +ve and female to negative

this applies for any kits that i have supplied with bare wire should only be the cup holder ones though

finished item:

got it

cheers RYC


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you the man!! thanks dude, I will try this this week :thumbs:

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mate that looks like a ball ache lol, all that to upgrade speakers. although it will be worth it, thanks for posting this you have pointed out all the tips and access points

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im looking forawrd to having the pennies saved for such a mod, but im still weighing it all up,. do i get ICE or mod engine first !
forget the engine mate :lol: ICE first ;)
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