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Hello everybody,

our Opel Corsa D does not start and the car has just been towed from the ATU to Opel. The fan from the engine ran constantly and ate the battery empty and then the alarm system went on, according to the ADAC because the alarm system regards an empty battery as an attempted theft. Then the ADAC came and told me that it was due to the relay, went to Opel and bought a new one, but the fan was still running all the time. Then the vehicle went out again and the ADAC towed it to the ATU, where they could not repair it. Now the car is in front of the Opel.

The error code is U2107 and I was told by the ATU that there might be problems with the Can Bus data cable because it could be clogged / corroded (forget what exactly).

It looks like I have no choice and have to rely on the grace of the Opel car workshop? I reckon with 1000-1500 € according to several reports, the vehicle alone is worth about 2k €. So the repair will be as expensive as the car? WTF!

Is a 90PS CDTI, year 2007/12 with 135tkm.

What do you guys say? Is there anything else you can do? Probably not, right? The car won't drive and the problem with the fan not going off was still on today when I donated electrics.What would you all do?

BTW I am located in Germany thus € and Opel instead of Vauxhall.

Best regards,
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