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I hope this is the right section for this, I apologise if not.

So I thought I'd do a little write up of my experience with vauxhallist / dack motor group in Lincoln.

My battery went flat and caused the bcm to corrupt it's data causing me to have my immobiliser (flashing spanner light) come up on my dash and stop my car from even trying to start.

I'd read on another forum that this was a common issue on the early registered corsa d's ( mine being a 57plate ), so I instantly knew this could cost me a lot of money to repair.

I rang vauxhallist in Lincoln, telling them of my issue. The guy (Matt) knew exactly what I was on about and told me not to worry, it was common for these cars and could/should be a quick fix.

He took details from me to arrange collection of my car and told me that he would try his best to help me keep the cost down as it was a crap time of year to have this issue, it being just after xmas and new year.

The car was collected exactly on time and I was taken to the garage to book it in. I decided to have a walk into town and waste an hour or so.
Whilst in Town, about 1 hour later I received a phone call to say my car was fixed.

I returned to the garage and was presented with a complimentary car health check which was free and highlighted afew minor things to look into. Matt then told me what had happened and how they fixed it.
I was shown the bill and I can honestly say, I was extremely surprised.

For the collection of my car, reprogram of my BCM and the vat on top, the bill came to £102.

I was expecting a bill of £200+!.

I felt very welcome there and would go there if my car needed it.

Big thankyou to Lincoln vauxhallist /dack motor group.

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