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WGM New Products

We are pleased to announce some new exciting product for the 1.6 Turbo Engine

Having Teamed up with Piper Camshafts, we have our own Exclusive product now released on the market

Performance Camshafts

The Corsa VXR Engine is restricted in standard form with some very mild cams (217degree / 7.3mm Lift!) Allowing great opportunity to increase power and torque without having to have 'race / rally' Camshafts loosing drivabilty and low end performance

WGM Piper Camshafts are a great addition to Any Stage Corsa, But ideally for Stage 3 and above for best gains

These are direct fit - come fitted with Exhaust camshaft sensor lug - No Modifications required

With the additional lift on the camshafts it is highly recommend that uprated valve springs are fitted

Picture of Camshafts Fitted


Piper Camshafts (Pair)

Piper Valve Springs, With Valve seats / Retainers (x16)

£871rrp - WGM Special Kit Price £775

After Testing the camshafts in One of our Customers VXR's Fitted with a Nortec Manifold and GTX28 Turbo, the car was abit too laggy for our liking making peak boost at approx 5200rpm, then with power tailing at 7600rpm. Now with the Pipercams in we are hitting peak boost at approx 4300rpm! with power holding to the 8,000rpm limter. Massive mid range torque has been gained, but personally the quicker spool time has dramatically improve the drive-ability of the car.

A little Video of the said Corsa after Map Tweak for new cam's

Due to the Power the car is now producing (which is expecting to be around the 360-380bhp figure) the limiting factor is now the MAF and Injectors, Once these have been changed matched with a new higher Rev limiter - We hope to be nearer the 400bhp mark ;)

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