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WGM New Products

We are pleased to announce more NEW products for the 1.6 Turbo Engine

Having Teamed up with PEC, leading to our own Custom Wössner manufactured Pistons​

Forged Internals

The Corsa VXR Engine has cast Pistons and Connecting Rods Standard, These have proven to be to be a weak point on this engine, with reports of failures at low (ish) BHP / Torque figures

Standard Compression is 8.8:1

WGM High Compression Pistons are for any Stage Corsa, the idea behind the piston specification was for customers running Ko3/Ko4 Turbo's - who where wanting either a piece of mind through stronger internals, or planning to upgrade there turbo at a later date that they would not loose any power / torque through dropping the compression ratio. And in fact see a gain in responsiveness and spool time, with also power gains over standard!

For People who are looking to run Bigger Turbo than a Ko4 we Still Recommend our Wossner Low Comp Pistons (8.5:1 CR)​

OE Bore - 79mm​

9.0:1 CR​

Wössner pistons feature a grade of 4032 Alloy (T6) which allows to run a closer piston to bore tolerance then another make of pistons. This helps remove the slapping noise during cold start, common place among engines running forged pistons due to larger then OE bore clearances. The crowns of the pistons are also mirror polished to better resist detonation on a high performance engine. Mirror polishing allows a more even spread of heat inside the chamber which will help prevent “hot spots” on piston crowns.​

In Stock, Ready to go!


Pistons - Set of Four (Price includes all piston rings and gudgeon pins)

Con Rods - Set of Four (With ARP Bolts)

£940rrp - WGM Special Kit Price £899

We can also supply ACL Bearings / Fitting Kits​

£1649 Fully Fitted in House

FREE Fitting Of Our Piper Cam Kit (£775) With All Corsa Engine Builds
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