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I have a squeak when I turn the steering wheel left, it happens when driving or stationary, It happens at certain points on rotating the steering wheel. It started to do it If I turn it half a turn it'll squeak then stop once I've gone past It and then squeak again when I've got the same point on the 2nd rotation, if that makes any sense. Now it does it when the steering is central, it'll squeak then after a rotation it'll squeak at the same spot. It doesn't do it when I turn right only turning left. I have a 2011 Corsa D and it has electronic power steering, I have lubed up the certain parts of the power steering module and rack but it is still doing it. The noise has got slightly louder, it does it on both wheels but it's louder on the left (passenger) wheel. I have recently lowered it so when I had the strut out etc. I lubed up the strut mounts and seated the new springs correctly but it is still doing it (The squeak was there before I lowered it). Has anyone got any ideas what could be causing it?

Here's a video of it


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