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Anybody who lives in Wigan will recognise this location.

There is a business park in Wigan which has a long stretch of road leading to two large roundabouts that then tail off to the business park.

The business park is gated off at night. Accross the road is a car park with capacity of 50+ cars, plus there is 2 x huge roundabouts that people VERY REGULARILY come and drift on.
There has never been any trouble with the police as it is impossible for the public to be near the roundabouts/car park unless they travel down a large stretch of road (pictured) that leads to nowhere (as the business park is closed at night).

I personally have been there many times, and between 8:30-11pm, on average 6-10 cars will be there as an unorganised meet. I have videos of people drifitng round the roundabouts and the site is popular for people in Wigan who know where it is.

Some nights you can go and a saxo speeding round is all you will see. Some nights you will pop down 'for 5 minutes' to see if 'that stage 3 Fiesta ST is there again' and you stay till midnight because its busy. Busy is 10 cars tops, but its unorganised, so what do you expect!

Obviously I am not trying to invite you to miraculously drift your front wheel drive cars, its simply a thread to see if there is any interest in Corsa owners coming down. I have only ever seen 6 or 7 Corsa's and only 2 D's sporting CDUK stickers.
If there are any members who would like to come down, please show interest below. The pictures clearly show the location incase out-of-town owners would like to pop down. Regardless of the threads interest, I will be checking the location out as usually there are people knocking about for a chat.

Map layout on Google Maps

Satellite layout on Google Maps (notice size of the roundabout compared to road)

Long stretch of road leading to the location

First roundabout (end of the stretch)

Take a left

Continue down this tiny road

Left, second roundabout, look at the size.

5 second drive and the car park is on your left. Plenty of room

Ive spent a fair while typing this thread + taking the time to sort pictures out for people, so this might turn out great with 10+ heads turning up joined by a load of locals or it might have no interest whatsoever and theres 2 Corsa's sat on a car park.
As I said, whatever happens I'll be there around 8pm as there is usually a few locals sitting!

There's a McDonalds a 2 minute drive away

SAT NAV: Westwood Park, Wigan, WN3 4HE



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Would have probably gone to this if I'd have checked out the forum sooner, would have also invited another Corsa buddy along. Don't live too far outside of Wigan and he lives in Wigan.
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