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Hi Looking for some help.
I have a Corsa SRi (64 plate). I have a problem where only the high speed wiper setting works - no intermittent / slower speed.

I changed the wiper motor / linkages about 4 months ago because the linkages were worn and it's been working fine until a week ago.

Is there a wiper relay for intermittent / slower speed or is this all controlled by the motor? Could the wiper motor I've recently fitted be dodgy??

Many thanks for any help / advice

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I cannot answer but if you don't know this trick it'll make vthe car usable until you can fix it.
Put wiper stalk into intermittent when the wiper sweeps quickly put the stalk in wiper off position count two seconds and put it back into intermittent, the wiper will now sweep every two seconds, you can chang the number of Seconds to suite how heavy its raining.
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